Upper & Lower Quinton, Warwickshire

BBC News: MH17 identification process begins
Tuesday 22nd July 2014
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Live BBC News for Warwickshire

Funeral row school blames computer

A primary school that barred a girl from a trip to reward good attendance after she took a day off for her mother's funeral blames a computer for the blunder.

Evita limousine to be auctioned

A limousine used by former Argentine President Juan Domingo Peron and his wife Eva is to be auctioned.

Canal bridge car crash victim named

A woman who died in a crash between two cars in Coventry is named as Kristina Jakus.

Cemetery expansion threat to trees

A row of trees and bushes which screen a cemetery from a main road could be removed to make way for 1,200 new graves.

Police reveal zombie and ghost calls

More than 70 reports about zombies, witches and ghosts are made to West Midlands Police in three years.

Detained 'thief' collapses and dies

A suspected metal thief collapses and dies after being apprehended by Warwickshire Police officers.

Shop crash caused by 'pedal mix-up'

A former magistrate drove into a coffee shop, injuring several people, because he mistook his accelerator for the brake pedal, a court hears.